Audio Conferencing

Today in a globalised world, enterprises have a greater need to partner and collaborate. Audio Conferencing has become an important tool for businesses that need to connect and collaborate with people across functions and geographies.

The best platform to connect with employees and customers across geographies

Business Benefits

  • Reduce travel cost
  • Increase executive productivity
  • Permits frequent, multi-party interactions
  • Zero capital investment


  • Instant availability and easy deployment
  • No software installation required
  • Carrier class service available 24X7
  • Accessible from India as well as international locations


Easy to use and administer

  • Browser based and simple to use


Rich features

  • Host dial-out
  • Roster playback
  • Lecture mode
  • Security etc



  • Detailed and transparent bill statement with port and usage charges

Insta conference service is an instant reservation-less and PIN less tele conference service solution, which lets you connect to multiple people at the touch of a button.
This service is offered to all Tata Docomo Fixed Line, mobile and Walky postpaid customers.


Instant connectivity

Connect instantly to a pre configured set of people, along with the facility to add ad-hoc participants, just by dialing a single number or sending an SMS

Operator Agnostic Accessibility

Conference can be initiated from any phone, mobile or land-line, which can be subscribed to any service provider

Web Portal Access

Ease of Use in managing conference groups and view real time running of a audio conference via a Web Portal

Recording Facility

Record selected portion(s) or an entire conference and instantly download the same as a wav file from the portal, once the recording is over

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