Insta Conference

Audio-conferencing has developed into more of a necessarily than a luxury. The use of this technology accelerates the decision making process leading to faster growth.

To supplement this need, we at Tata Teleservices Limited are introducing an outbound conferencing solution that is set to revolutionise the way your business does audio-conferencing. Insta Conference allows you to initiate conference calls instantly by dialling a bridge number that automatically dials out to multiple participants. Once a conference is in progress, additional participants can dial in at anytime.

Insta Conference is designed to free users from the inconvenience of organizing conference calls. Features such as monitoring of live audio conferences, progressive dial out to add participants and multiple in-conference controls add to the richness of the conferencing experience.

  • Create multiple groups via a Web Portal.
  • Automatically assign a separate dialing number to each group.
  • Initiate out-dialed instant conference via one incoming phone call (can be speed dialed).
  • No PIN required.
  • No prior reservation required.
  • Two minute call drop buffer period.
  • After conference has started, add Ad-hoc participants using progressive dial out.
  • Monitor live conference via Web Portal.
  • Exercise in-conference controls (Mute! Un-mute, Lock! Unlock etc.) via Web Portal and DTMF.
  • Usage statistics accessible instantaneously via Web Portal.
  • Available on any TTSL mobile, fixed wireless phone or landline.
  • Use it for conducting impromptu conferences with your business colleagues.
  • Use it for personal emergency management.
  • Usage displayed on your TTSL phone bill.
  • The charges will be on a per minute basis, irrespective of the tariff plan chosen.
  • The charges will also be levied for numbers, which may be otherwise part of a CUG.

For more information, call 1800 266 1800.

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